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Music Business 101 Courses

Conquer the Fundamentals

Our Music Business 101 series covers the entirety of today's dynamic music industry. In depth, accurate, up-to-date courses designed to transform your understanding of the business.

Basics of Agreements

Understanding how agreements are structured and will work for (or against) you is crucial knowledge you’ll employ throughout your career.

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music business industry explained

Overview of the Music Industry

Get up to speed with a general overview of how the modern music business operates, and where revenue is generated in the industry.

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Intellectual Property Overview

Do you know the difference between a copyright, a trademark, and a patent? Understanding the basic forms of IP is key to protecting your creations and maximizing your income potential.

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Music Publishing 101 Course Artwork, A recreation of The Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover with the characters from the Intells animated series.

Music Publishing 101

Music Publishing 101 is a simple guide to the complex world of music publishing – a primer to better develop your understanding of this highly lucrative area of the music industry.

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Industry Agreement Courses

Understand what you're signing

Confused about music contracts? Creative Intell gives you the contracts you need and guides you through getting the most out of them.

Our Industry Agreement courses decode music business contracts in language everyone understands. You'll learn how to negotiate fair deals, avoid pitfalls, maximize your revenue, and understand what you are singing.

producer contracts

Understanding Producer Agreements

Are you a music producer or an artist looking to hire one? Whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for a while, it's crucial to understand producer agreements.

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song agreements meaning

Understanding Song Split Agreements

Have you just composed a great song with a friend or songwriting partner? If so, you’ll want to enter into a song split agreement with your co-writers.

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Learn more about Understanding Work for Hire Agreements

Understanding Work-for-Hire Agreements

The work-for-hire agreement is the all-important contract you need to have in place to protect your rights and copyrights when working with creative collaborators.

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Understanding Beat Agreements

This course covers every angle of beat licensing. From how beats are created, marketed, and sold, to a detailed look into current online beat license agreements and what you need to watch out for with these contracts.

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Understanding Featured Artist Agreements Course Art

Understanding Featured Artist Agreements

Do you have a guest artist featured on your recordings? If so, you’ll need a featured artist agreement to work out the details of their royalties, credits, ownership, and a whole lot more.

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Understanding Management Agreements Course Art

Understanding Management Agreements

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Advanced Training Tools

Gain a competitive edge 

Protect your work and maximize your revenue with advanced training tools providing strategy, negotiation tactics, and industry averages for your deals. Checklists, playbooks, legal document template library, videos, and much more.

Beware the Beat Marketplace Agreement Playbook Part 1 - Beware the Beat Troll!

Beware the Beat Marketplace Agreement Playbook Part 1: Beware the Beat Troll!

Beat trolling is increasingly common - and a real threat to both artists and producers. This playbook explains how beat trolls operate and what you need to do to protect yourself from these scammers.

Beware the Beat Marketplace Agreement Playbook Part 3 - Limitations on Streaming.

Beware the Beat Marketplace Agreement Playbook Part 2: Limitations - Streaming

Buried in the fine print of beat marketplace agreements are important limitations on how many streams you can accumulate with a licensed beat. This playbook explains why this system works against you, and how to safeguard your music from unreasonable restrictions.

Beware the Beat Marketplace Agreement Playbook Part 2- Limitations on Radio Play.

Beware the Beat Marketplace Agreement Playbook Part 3: Limitations - Radio

Beat marketplace agreements place severe restrictions on how much airplay a beat-derived track can garner. This playbook explains how this works against both artists and producers, and how to avoid these unreasonable limitations.

Beware the Beat Marketplace Agreement Playbook Part 4- Early Termination

Beware the Beat Marketplace Agreement Playbook Part 4:
Early Termination

Beat marketplace agreements provide that beat licenses can be terminated any time the producer deems it to be in their interest. This playbook examines the terms that allow this to happen and why to strike them from your agreements.

Producer PPD Royalties Playbook

Producer PPD Royalties Playbook

Understanding how your royalties are calculated is critical info! This colorful playbook explains exactly how major record labels compensate producers on a percentage of PPD basis.

Producer Net Earnings Playbook

Producer Net Earnings Playbook

If you’re producing indie label artists, you’re probably being compensated on a net earnings basis. This playbook explains exactly how net earnings royalties are calculated, so you’ll know if you’re being paid everything you’re owed.

Protect your Assets: Releasing an Original Song playbook

Protect Your A$$ets: Releasing an Original Song Playbook

This playbook explains the procedures to follow when releasing an original song so you can be sure the money it generates always flows to the right place: you.

Protect your Assets: Releasing a Cover Song playbook

Protect Your A$$ets: Releasing a Cover Song Playbook

Anytime you release a cover song, there are procedures to follow that ensure your work is protected and the revenue generated from it flows to you. This playbook guides you through the process, step by step, so you can always be confident your release is legally sound.

Releasing an Original Song Webinar

Creative Intell's webinar, Releasing an Original Song, covers takedown notices, licensing samples, song split agreements, and more!

Creative Intell Contract Library

Protect yourself with the same contracts and legal language used by top music industry attorneys.

A middle-aged man in business attire covered in paint stands next to an easel with a painting of a legal contract.

Equip yourself with reliable contracts and the knowledge to understand them and succeed in negotiations. No more downloading obscure contracts or borrowing random forms; You can trust our expertly-drafted, user-friendly, fully editable  contracts, including:

  • Featured Artist
  • Appearance Release
  • Work-for-Hire Agreement
  • Exclusive Beat License
  • Beat Buyout Agreement
  • Producer Agreement
  • Photo License
  • Song Split Agreement
  • Non-Exclusive Beat License

and more!

What's included with your Creative Intell Membership:
  • 4 x Music Business 101 courses
  • 5 x Industry Agreement courses
  • 8 x Industry Playbooks
  • Contract template library
  • Intells animated series
  • Exclusive seminars
  • Creative Intell Community (All-Access)
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