Meet the Intells

The Intells is an animated series that teaches the real business of music through storytelling. Each episode breaks industry topics down into fun, easy to understand segments and can be watched individually or as part of our course content.

Featured Testimonial

A Song is Born

The Quest

Cristaal and Cairo are seeking fame and fortune in the music game. But first, they’ll need to take on the big, nasty, often confusing, music business.

Sky’s the Limit

They know their new recording, Song Child, has all the makings of a hit. But its future will largely depend upon Crystaal and Cairo’s ability to navigate the treacherous waters of the music business.

Industry Baby

Except sharks lurk in these waters too. And if Cristaal and Cairo don’t learn to defend themselves and their musical baby, Song Child, soon, they might just get eaten alive.

A Tribe Called Klein

But our heroes aren’t entirely defenceless. They’re smart, streetwise kids, and with veteran rock star Dorkaay Qwest and his big shot music lawyer, Karen Klein, in their corner, they have two pros willing to help them out.

Teach me Baby One More Time

They know the odds are against them. But if Cristaal and Cairo can finally get the music business working for them, instead of against them, they might just realize their dream.

We Don’t Need No An Education

The Intells demystifies the business of music with a playful, comedic approach that's as entertaining as it is educational.

Who are The Intells?

Cristaal, The Inquisitive One. A young Asian-American girl dances while wearing headphones and holding a smartphone and a tablet.
Song Child, two copyrights in a diaper.
Cairo, Beats, Rhymes, and Questions. A young African-American man with an inquisitive look on his face reads a book titled Myths.
Dorkaay Qwest, School of Hard Knocks. An aged rock star with greying hair and sunglasses smokes a cigar in a music studio.
Karen Klein, Has All the Answers. An African-American woman in business attire holding a legal document.
Byte, Production Guru. A young man in a baseball cap and red hoodie waves at the viewer.
Madame Rue, Redicting Hits Since 1913. An older woman with long grey hair. wearing a headscarf, kaftan, and hoop earrings, and holding a bouquet of roses.
Geraldo Rodriguez, You Pay? I'll Play. A Latin-American man in sunglasses plays a flute.
Boris Levy Jr, The Hustler. A man with long hair and a soul-patch beard holds his hands out and gives a disgusted look to the viewer.

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