Understanding Producer Agreements

Are you a music producer or an artist looking to hire one? Whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for a while, it's crucial to understand producer agreements. In this course you will learn to navigate the fine legal complexities of the artist/producer relationship and negotiate the best possible terms for yourself.

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Estimated Length: 7h 30m
42 modules across 5 lessons
12 animated videos
12 interactive learning checks
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About this Course

This course covers everything in the artist/producer business relationship, from compensation structures to clearing samples.

You'll learn about the roles and responsibilities of both producers and artists, with the legal language and royalty calculations of producer agreements broken down and made simple.

Don't get bogged down in legal jargon and risk costly penalties or damage to your reputation, Understanding Producer Agreements has you covered.

What You'll Learn

  • How to protect yourself and your compositions in an artist/producer relationship.
  • To identify what the producer agreement does and who uses it.
  • The different kinds of compensation producers can earn and how producer royalties are calculated.
  • Which business terms you must include in your agreement.
  • How different agreement structures determine how artist revenues are paid to producers.
  • The boilerplate terms common to producer agreements.

Course Breakdown

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Inside This Course

Meet the Intells

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The Intells is an animated series that teaches the real business of music through storytelling. Each episode breaks industry topics down into fun, easy to understand segments and can be watched individually or as part of the course content.

Crystallize your knowledge with interactive learning checks

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Solidify your knowledge of agreements with multiple-choice quizzes and drag-and-drop puzzles to help you remember what you've learned in a fun and engaging way.

Get a Clause-by-Clause Breakdown

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Every clause found in a Producer Agreement is examined and explained in easy-to-follow, plain English. No more coded contract language. Learn to read legalese!

Producer Economics Decoded

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Make sure you’re being paid everything you’re owed. The formulas used to calculate different producer royalty structures laid out in simple math anyone can understand. Indie artists, major label acts, percentage of PPD, net earnings, flat fee; it’s all here.

Avoid Sample Nightmares

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Learn who’s responsible for clearing the samples in your recordings, how that’s done, and why it's so important to artists, producers – and sample owners. Avoid takedown notices and lawsuits!

Go Deeper

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Each CI Academy course covers both basic and advanced concepts. Our courses are designed as a constant source of up-to-date reference material you keep coming back to.
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