Understanding Featured Artist Agreements

Do you have a guest artist featured on your recordings? If so, you’ll need a featured artist agreement to work out the details of their royalties, credits, ownership, and a whole lot more.

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About this Course: Understanding Featured Artist Agreements, Side Artists and Guest Stars

About this Course

There’s a lot to consider when having another artist guest on your tracks. Exactly what services will they perform? How are they being compensated? How is their name and likeness being used in the credits and promotion? Who’ll own their performance at the end of the day? All this and more needs to be established ahead of time in a featured artist – aka side artist – agreement.

This course teaches you everything there is to know about these mutually beneficial arrangements between artists. It explains the featured artist agreement - and how and when to use it – in detail, in language that’s easy to understand. By the end of this course you will know these deals inside-out and be able to perfectly execute your own featured artist agreements. And to help you along with that, a complimentary Creative Intell featured artist agreement you can download and adapt for your own deals is included. 

What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn: Featured Artist Agreements
  • To confidently negotiate your own featured artist agreements.
  • When to use featured artist instead of work-for-hire agreements.
  • What the featured artist agreement does and who uses it.
  • Which business terms you must include in your agreement.
  • How different featured artist agreement structures determine how artist revenues are paid to featured guests.
  • How to use boilerplate clauses to define the administrative, operational, and interpretations aspects of your featured artist agreement.

Course Breakdown

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Inside This Course

Meet the Intells

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The music industry has never been so easy to learn! The Intells is an animated series that teaches the real business of music through storytelling. Each episode breaks industry topics down into fun, easy-to-digest segments that can be watched individually or as part of the course content. Follow along as Cristaal and Cairo negotiate their own featured artist agreement with rock icon Dorkaay Qwest.

Level Up Your Understanding with Interactive Learning Checks

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Solidify your knowledge of featured artist agreements with multiple-choice quizzes and drag-and-drop puzzles to help you remember what you've learned in a fun, engaging way.

Never Miss A Beat

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Label waivers, synch rights, copyright ownership, restrictions...the better you understand the business of having guest artists appear on your music, the less likely you’ll run into any unpleasant surprises along the way – or once you’ve released the tracks. Everything concerning featured guest artists is covered in this course.

Contracts You Can Trust

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All of our Industry Agreement courses come with downloadable, high quality sample agreements you can download and customize for your own deals. Creative Intell agreements are drafted by a Braintrust of top music business attorneys and guaranteed to be first class and current.

Inside the Real Music Industry

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True stories of artists in real-life scenarios, often based on our own personal dealings with them, are peppered throughout this course.

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