Understanding Song Split Agreements

Have you just composed a great song with a friend or songwriting partner? If so, you’ll want to enter into a Song Split Agreement with your co-writers. This course covers what to do when two or more writers collaborate to create a composition, how ownership in that composition can be split among them, and whether or not each writer will administer their ownership share in the co-written composition.

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About this Course

This course will teach you all there is to know about Song Split Agreements: why and when you need them, how they’re created, and what needs to be established within them so everyone knows their ownership percentages, and how the co-written composition will be administered.  

Gone are the days when a partnership like Lennon/McCartney could keep a handshake deal directing all their songwriting credits – and the resulting revenue - be split equally among them. In the modern music industry, ownership splits of co-written songs need to be established straight out of the ​box​. This course shows you exactly how to create and get your song ownership papers together, while highlighting the potential pitfalls you might need to look out for in these agreements.

What You'll Learn

  • ​​To identify what the Song Split Agreement does and who uses it. ​​​
  • Why you always need a signed Song Split Agreement for co-written songs.
  • How co-written compositions are administered, e.g., how each writer controls their share for synch and other licenses.
  • The dangers, economic and otherwise, of not having a Song Split Agreement.

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The Intells is an animated series that teaches the real business of music through storytelling. Each episode breaks industry topics down into fun, easy to understand segments and can be watched individually or as part of the course content.

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Don't Lose Control of Your Song

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Did you know that under U.S. copyright law, without a written agreement stating otherwise, co-writers of a song automatically share its copyright equally, regardless of their actual contributions? Don’t let your buddy who added two words to your bridge take half of your copyright.

Inside the Real Music Industry

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True stories of artists in real-life scenarios, often based on our own personal dealings with them, are peppered throughout the course.

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Our courses give you the knowledge and skills to protect your work and move forward in the music business with confidence. Based on real information from industry insiders, we help you make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and protect yourself from unscrupulous actors. Sign up and invest in your career today.

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